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    1. Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Chenna Machinery Co., Ltd. (Changzhou Chenna Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.)!
      Precision piston rod

      Professional Sincere Honest Win-win


      +86-158 9532 0613

      Wuxi Chenna Machinery Co., Ltd.

      Wuxi Chenna Machinery Co., Ltd. (Changzhou Chenna Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of precision piston rods, large diameter and ultra long piston rods, finished piston rods, 45 # steel solid piston rods, hollow shafts, honing pipes, hydraulic cylinders and other series of products.

      The company's products are suitable for various types of cylinders, cylinders, hydraulic and pneumatic, engineering machinery, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, conveyor machinery, textile machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, die-casting machines, injection molding machines, automobile manufacturing and other mechanical guides, tops. Rod and so on. According to different technical requirements of users, we can process and produce, integrate each customer's demand for products, and propose reasonable solutions to ensure the reliability and applicability of the products. The company has won the market reputation for its excellent technology and reliable product quality.

      Cause of discoloration of the piston rod

      First, there is a high temperature phenomenon in the hydraulic system. During operation, the piston rod frequently contacts the low temperature...

      Copy right ? 2019 Wuxi Chenna Machinery Co., Ltd.(Changzhou Chenna Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.) All rights reserved.
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